Little Sweetheart Snowy the Silkie in the middle of a chat and a graze! This lovely girl is a wonderful mother and now in her second year of laying her eggs have gone up to a massive (only for her) 40g!

Velvet and Smoke, young Silkie pullets, are inseparable.

Lovely Daisy the Hamburg is a small, sweet, clever and a very regular layer of small white eggs.

Little Sweethearts:


Our "little sweethearts" are primarily pets, cross-bred bantam chickens that are very cute and cuddly, born mothers that might hatch a clutch of eggs if you ever need them to, or which may just go broody a couple of times a year even if you haven't got a mother plan for them. Their eggs are lovely but just like the hens themselves, smaller and cuter. Our little sweethearts are cross bred and sometimes purebred, many with a little or a lot of silkie.


We only breed a very small number of little sweethearts each season, partly as these smaller girls often assist in brooding Denim Hen chicks. If you are looking for a particular breed or cross-breed please get in touch as we may be able to assist or hatch to order. For availability and pictures check out our facebook page. The little sweetheart eggs will be small (all under 50g but for the smallest silkies a 30g egg is not unusual!).


Little sweetheart hens are priced at $40 at eighteen weeks and $28 at nine weeks. Unsexed day old chicks are priced at $10.


Contact us to find out what sort of sweethearts we have at the moment.