Chicken Housing


We have our own bespoke range of chicken housing range under the line "Chooky cube". This is a design-led range, aiming to avoid preconceived notions of what a chicken house should be.

The chooky cube range is designed to be:


*High quality



*Comfortable and safe for their inhabitants

*Well designed for their human users


High quality

Chooky cube products are all designed in house by a landscape architect. They are built in Melbourne using durable materials, fixing and construction methods. A number of the chicken houses are suitable for use in rental premises  and temporary locations in that they can be simply and easily dismantled and re-assembled by a customer without specific skills (ideally using an electric screwdriver).



Chooky cube products all have a thoughtful consideration of materials to ensure that the product is sustainable. Specific materials used varies across the product range. Product durability is an important part of sustainability and materials which last well are chosen for all of our products. Where timbers are used these are non-tropical  plantation timbers or quality salvaged timbers. Where sheet timber is used this is eco-ply. Metals used are chosen for their long-lasting quality and where suitable salvaged materials are considered for use.



The chooky cube range is designed to add to rather than detract from, garden appearance. Put simply, our products look good. There is no reason for chicken housing to be an eyesore. We know  that you are likely to see your hen house at least on a daily basis, and having one which looks great will feel great!


Comfortable and safe for their inhabitants

The whole range of chooky cube products are designed and built for purpose - to be a home for chooks. We provide spaces which are comfortable for chickens, which they will naturally and happily return to for egg-laying and sleeping.

Health and safety is a key consideration in the design of our chicken housing. Strong and well designed surfaces on every face of the housing protects from predators such as foxes, cats and dogs. Other health and safety risks including potential rodent access and protection from mites and other insects is also considered in the design of our products.


Well designed for their human users

Sensible and thoughtful design ensures that all of our chooky cube products are easy to access, easy to keep clean, and simply easy to use. Ergonomics is a key design consideration in house shape and access. Suitability for low labour intensity cleaning methods is considered in the design.

Most of our products have a hen door which can be easily automated with a kit. This means that should you wish to start with an automatic door, or to add one later, your hens will be able to independently go to bed and get out to their yard or your garden in the morning.