The Denim Hens:


We aim to supply beautiful hens for beautiful eggs.


Our primary aims in hen breeding are to breed beautiful hens and to sustain and develop good egg laying lines.


We have two medium sized layer flocks, and one bantam flock.


Our flagship flock, the Denim Hens, are our own special crossbreed of blue laced hens selected for their lovely large eggs. Due to the genetics of blue feathering (which actually looks closer to silver or grey in appearance) the blue does not appear on every chick of every generation. Therefore as well as the classic blue we also have gorgeous "stonewash" hens, actually double blue, which appears as white with splashes of grey; and "black" (with no blue at all).


Our other flock of medium sized hens is a purebred flock of White Faced Black Spanish. These fabulous chickens have a fantastic and long history (dating from Spain in the time of the Romans) but are now classified as a critically rare breed in most countries including Australia. We breed these hens due to both the fabulous looks and personality of this breed, and the opportunity to contribute towards preserving an important part of agricultural heritage by our choice of laying hen. We are not currently selling White Faced Black Spanish but can take pre-orders for this breed.


Our Little Sweethearts are, as their name suggests, the small and cuddly members of our hen family. These are very pretty crossbreeds who make sweet pets and lovely mothers. The Little Sweethearts will lay eggs in proportion to their smaller size, and our breeding focus is on their sweet nature rather than their laying ability.


We supply young pullets at 9 weeks and point of lay pullets at 18 weeks. Hens will typically commence laying between 6 and 8 months, that is 26 - 34 weeks. The pullets are supplied sexed and in the unlikely event that a hen turns out to be a rooster a replacement will be supplied.

We also supply day old unsexed chicks (except Denim Hens). These are suitable only for those with a reliable system set up for care of young chickens (young chicks are delicate and need special care to flourish). If you would like to obtain day old chicks and need advice with regard to the special care needs of these babies, please get in touch.


To avoid disappointment we recommend pre-ordering.


All of our hens are suitable for keeping in a new mixed flock of a number of our hens, or for keeping along with purebred hens. Please contact us if you would like advice about starting a new flock of hens, or integrating new hens along with an existing group of hens.