Chicken Housing


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The prototype for the Chooky Cube Ark 1 with automatic opening door can be seen in action below:



























Chooky Cube Ark 1


The Chooky Cube Ark 1 is an all-timber house designed for up to ten large breed chickens as a night ark and nestbox location. The ark is a fully enclosed house built from a heavy timber frame with attractive eco-ply panelling on the sides, rear and top. The roof has additional rain protection provided by corrugated steel sheeting over the ply surface. The front of the house is composed of three doors. On either side of the central panel a pair of  full height cypress door/gates open outwards, providing access to the house for easy cleaning and access for egg collection etc.  The doors also provide simple access to the suggested internal location at the rear of the central for an automatic opening door kit.


The central panel of the house is fitted with a chook access door (large sized such that it can be used for larger birds including bigger breeds of duck). As noted above this can be pre- or post- fitted with an automatic opening door kit to enable opening and closing at set times as pre-programmed. This provides excellent flexibility and a good option to enable time away.




to access chickens during the time they are locked in. The rear of the central panel houses the a central "chook" door which is seen in the prototype fitted with a battery operated