Denim Hens - Achieving Sustainability Beautifully


Denim Hens is focused on helping families and individuals increase their sustainability via their gardens whilst bringing more beauty into their lives.


We have a particular focus on sustainable food production in the home environment. We feature a sustainability blog,  breed beautiful and productive heritage laying hens, have a quality range of custom designed housing for hens, and offer a design service focused on the bespoke design of productive, attractive, and usable gardens. We also offer a small range of quality garden products


Founded by a landscape architect, we approach sustainability from a design perspective, both in terms of developing creative solutions, and in terms of integrating look, feel, and function. We use beauty from nature, and select or design aesthetic elements and  forms even  for "utility" items. Our design approach means that we innovate where new solutions would improve function.


Our products and services contribute to the creation of outdoor spaces which are  useful, functional, and sustainable, but also interesting, attractive, and loved.   Our hens are beautiful and unique girls who  make a lovely addition to any garden, whilst at the same time laying delicious eggs, and creating fabulous fertiliser.


Denim Hens is slowly adding to our product range and availability. If  you would like to order or access any of our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.